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MacKayla’s Meditation: Number 1


My mom had a baby February 10 2017. we named the baby Caleb.  I also love Twosies. My most favorite toy is Monster High dolls, Shoppie dolls pretty much all dolls if you’re wondering what Monster High dolls some names are Cleo de Nile, Clawdeen Wolf.  some Shoppie dolls names are Peppa mint, Bubbalisha. My favorite one is Peppa mint. I also like Pokemon cards my favorite one is Pikachu. my favorite game is Hi Ho Cherrio. I also love paddle boards I’m not good but I don’t give up and never will give up.  I’m also good at drawing and writing and good at spelling I have all A’s in spelling.



I have two cats.  I also have  2 best friends their names are Ryllie and Audrina.  I love to draw I’m good at drawing people, cats, and Shopkins. My favorite animal is a leopard I  love how fast they can run and there print I also have leopard print leggings my favorite color is pink I also like flamingos my favorite shows are Henry Danger and the Thundermans.

Dad Names Shopkins, Well Kinda


Shopkins have been around since about 2013.  Unlike Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or Care Bears, he would have no idea what their names are.  I decided to ask him to name the Shopkins without knowing their real names.  Here is what he said.


Although some of the names he came up with were pretty close, he did not get any right.  There are over 900 Shopkins that cover seven seasons or release sets.  I will let him see how these ones are named then try again. Maybe next time he will get at least one right.


Short Silly Stories: The Box


Short Silly Stories are stories written by Mike and MacKayla.  One person starts the story and they take turns writing different parts to see where the story ends up.  No one knows what the story will be about till it is finished, sometimes the story makes sense and other times not so much.  Have fun and have a laugh.

Mike (dad) – denotes the part of the story written by Mike.

MacKayla (daughter) – denotes the part of the story written by MacKayla.


The Box

“Nothing ever happens in this town,” said MacKayla.  “I know,” said MacKenna.  MacKayla and MacKenna sat on the couch watching a boring T.V. show about snails and how they move so slow.  All of a sudden, there was a knock at the door.  They went to open it up.  “Grandma and Pap!” the girls yelled.

“Now it won’t be boring!” said MacKayla.  Pap brought a box in from the car.  It was a smaller box.  “I wonder what is inside?” said MacKenna.  They opened the box and inside was another box!  “oh great nothing,” said MacKayla.  She noticed inside that box was another box.  They opened that box and they saw it was a box of food shaped toys called Shopkins!

The girls tore open the packages and started to play with their new toys.  As they were playing they noticed that some of the toys were moving!  Upon closer inspection, they realized the Shopkins were real!  MacKayla poked the one Shopkin in the shape of a cookie and noticed crumbs came off of the toy.  “Where did you get these Grandma?” asked MacKayla.  “eBay of course!” said Grandma.

 MacKayla and Mackenna had a dilemma.  Instead of toys they now had pets.  We better keep these yummy looking Shopkins away from our brothers before they eat them.” said MacKenna.  “Right!” said MacKayla.  They turned around to gather their new pets up but it was too late.  Their brothers ate all of the yummy looking food pets.

“Well at least we don’t need to take them to the bathroom.” said MacKayla.

The End