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Q & A With MacKayla and Dad: Some Favorite Questions

Q & A With MacKayla and Dad is a series of questions and answers.  Each time either MacKayla or Dad will ask questions and the other will answer them.  Whoever is asking questions will make up those questions as well.

Dad’s questions, answers, and remarks indicated in black.

MacKayla’s questions, answers, and remarks in pink.


Q. What is your favorite movie?

A. It’s hard to pick one movie but I’m gonna cheat a little here and say the Indiana Jones Series of movies.  The new one Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was kinda bad but because it had Harrison Ford in it and it was still and Indiana Jones movie, even that one I enjoyed.


Q. What is your favorite season?

A.  I enjoy Winter.  As long as when it is snowing or icy, I don’t have to drive anywhere.  I love sitting at home and seeing the snow pile up and knowing I don’t have to go anywhere is probably the greatest feeling ever.


Q. What is your favorite song? Is it Still Look Pretty by Daya or  Luke Bryan Kick the Dust Up?

A.  Still Look Pretty by Daya.  I don’t like Luke Bryan his voice annoys me and all he ever sings about is getting tipsy off of beer.


Q. What is your favorite food?

A.  Ummmm, anything your Mom makes.


Q. Who is your favorite person it can’t be you?

A. Your grandpa.  He always wants to help me out and what’s best for everyone even if I don’t want to listen.


Q. What is your favorite game?

A.  My favorite board game is Scattegories.  Loved playing that with your Grandma and Pap and Uncles.  My favorite video game would have to be World of Warcraft.


Q. What is your favorite drink?

A.  Sweet tea is my favorite drink.  Not the stuff you buy from the store though.  It has to be homemade in one of those Mr. Coffee tea makers.



Life’s mysteries answered.  Check back soon for some questions asked by Dad and answered by the ever so brilliant MacKayla!

Parenting Pet Peeves: Crayons

Nothing is more enjoyable than your little one bringing you a drawing they just made.  The look on their face of how proud they are and your acceptance of their dog, err cat, err tree, err house picture they just drew is something really special.

The quintessential children creation tool is most likely the crayon.  A great writing and drawing utensil for all ages.  Crayons can be almost any color, they can be any size and shape, and for the most part can easily be scrubbed off walls.  However, with all the above-mentioned greatness that is the crayon, crayons really bug me.  Some may say it is unfair to think this of crayons.  To those people, I say you may be right and my actual grudge against the crayon is actually an issue in with my kids treat and use crayons.

Over the years I estimate that I have bought my kids around a thousand crayons.  Where are those crayons?  Your guess is as good as mine.  Now these are whole crayons I am speaking of here.  If we take into consideration the number of times the crayons have been broken in half then in half again then in half again, the number of crayons located somewhere in our house has quickly surpassed the total number of people on Earth (7.4 billion as of August 2016 if you were wondering).  Another problem I have with crayons (most likely another problem with the kids using them) is how they always end up on the floor.  One or two would be acceptable as crayons tend to be round and round things roll off of things like tables and desks.  What gets me is it is never one or two.  There is usually one crayon they are using then the other thousands are on the floor.  I know I can’t be the only one who has these problems.  Bigger containers, different sizes and shapes of crayons, or explaining to them how to properly use and maintain crayons doesn’t work.

I suppose kids will be kids and the above issues I mentioned with crayons are just a by-product of kids being creative and expressing themselves.  Who am I to limit a child’s creativity?  I would rather get my picture of a cat-dog than nothing at all.


Back With a Little Help

I started Parent Bucket back in 2013 with a vision to share with people the ups and downs and lefts and rights of being a parent.  I had a good run, however, as many know, being a parent and working full-time doesn’t leave much room for leisurely activities.

Fast forward three years.  My oldest daughter, MacKayla, turned eight.  She’s doing everything kids her age should be doing.  Going to school, getting good grades, and either unfortunately or fortunately (depending on how you look at it), has found the internet.  One of her latest obsessions is YouTube.  She thinks it is pretty cool that kids and parents record themselves doing whatever they want.  Playing games, opening new toys and displaying them, or just being silly.  I noticed she was really into these videos and I said to her “You know you don’t have to just watch people all the time, you can do what they are doing.  We can write stuff and record stuff and put it on the internet for other kids just like you.”  She looked at me and smiled and said, “Ok, well then lets do it then.”  So here I am.

I started back up the ole’ blog for starters.  She says she wants to be a content creator instead of a content consumer.  I think that is pretty neat.  Even her sister who is a bit younger is showing interest.  In this day and age, it has never been easier to share your story with anyone who is interested.  Even though it is not my first go around at this whole blogging and content creating thing (even if my first go around was a bit short lived), I believe it will be a great learning tool for everyone including myself.  Being able to market your personal self can greatly help in the future when trying to market your professional self, something I need more of.  I also think of this as a way to keep some pretty neat memories of our life “backed up” so to speak.  We will be able to look back years down the road and have a good laugh or two I’m sure.

So, with a little help, Parent Bucket is being resurrected.  We will be going at our own pace and writing and doing things when we can.  We would appreciate it if anyone reading this comes back and checks up on us once in a while.  You can always follow us on Facebook or Twitter.  It doesn’t cost anything and you may even get a chuckle or two from it.