About Us

Thanks for reading Parent Bucket.  Parent Bucket is a place where my daughter and me, and occasionally some guest writers,  share with others our crazy experiences.  You will find a mix of opinions, experiences, and stories about being a parent and being a kid.  Remember, have fun and embrace your kids and your own inner kid.

About our contributors:

Mike is a dad of many marvelous kids, six to be exact.  Some people would say he’s crazy, and he would have to agree. While there is always something crazy happening he wouldn’t have it any other way and will get to share it with the readers of Parent Bucket.









MacKayla is Mike’s oldest daughter.  She loves to read and write and play silly pranks on her family.  When she isn’t doing homework or fighting with her siblings, you can find her bugging her dad to post some new content to Parent Bucket and share her own stories with everyone.

MacKayla added:

“My favorite toys are Shopkins.  Some Shopkins I am trying to get are Cheeky Chocolate, Mary Meringue, and Wanda Wafer.  I also really like Pokemon Trading Cards.  I have a few ultra rare cards that I am excited about having.  I like homework too.  I am the oldest of five kids.  I love my siblings very much and couldn’t imagine life without them.  We are adding a new baby on February 10th, 2017, I am very excited and can’t wait!”

MacKenna is the second oldest girl.  She is six years old and in first grade.  She likes Shopkins, stuffed animals, and ponies.  Her favorite food watermelon and her favorite movie is Big Hero 6.