Sharing your Childhood with your Kids and Vice Versa

Being a little kid, something as small as a Slinky seemed so awesome.  As you get older it takes a little more than a Slinky to get you excited.  For me, only one thing beats playing with a Slinky as a kid.  The thing that beats that is playing with a Slinky with my own kids.

Now, besides a Slinky, there were many other toys my brothers and I were fortunate to have.  We had action figures, toy cars, cap guns, and all the other cool toys.  As we grew older we outgrew all of those toys we had and eventually left them for T.V. shows and video games.  Since then I have had kids though, and I find myself loving toys all over again.  I love being able to show my kids the toys we had when I was little and get them excited about them.  Some of the toys that survived the brutal test as my play things got thrown in a box and put in the attic.  Thanks to my parents, I can now share those things with my own children.  Ironically, some of the things we h ave gotten out to share with my children have not held up so well in their hands.  We will blame that on them being old and not as sturdy as back in the day and not on how rough my kids are with them.

Another cool thing about toys today is that what was cool and popular back in the 1980’s and 1990’s is still cool and popular today.  For example, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers, and even Care Bears are all still being sold today with new things coming out all the time.  Heck, there has even been some new Power Ranger and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies released in the last few years.

Another neat thing that happens when you h ave kids is learning about what their Turtles are Power Ranger equivalent is.  Shopkins and Paw Patrol seem to rule this house and it is fun to engage and ask questions to learn a little about their world.

It is really special to be able to bond with your kids with something you bonded with as a kid.  To see them love the toys and characters as much as you did is really neat.  You can tell them all their names and special powers, and that the Red Ranger and Pink Ranger were kind of a couple (well till the Green Ranger came along).