Family Poetics: School

Having fun and writing are some of our favorite things to do.  We have decided to share some of the poems written by Mike and MacKayla.  Enjoy these little poems.  We hope they inspire you to write some of your own and see just how creative you can be.


Dad’s poems are in black.

MacKayla’s poems are in pink.



Everyone needs to go to school.

Learning is a powerful tool.

The school year seems to last so long,

Study hard so your tests aren’t wrong.

You’ll make new friends every year,

While old ones leave don’t shed a tear,

For every year starts something new,

You’ll look back and see how much you grew.



People go to school to learn

People go to school for fun

I am in the third grade,

My teacher’s name is Mrs. Geibel.

My one friend is named Haley,

my other friend is Serenity.


You have got to go to school.