Parenting Pet Peeves: Half Eaten and Half Drinken


Kids love to eat.  Kids love to drink.  Usually all the time.  Now as a parent it is your job to make sure they have decent food and drink choices to live healthy lives.  As most parents know, however, sometimes the foods and drinks their kids get are not of the most healthy variety.  If you are a parent that is strict with what you give to your kids to eat and drink, I say kudos.  You should be proud.  For the rest of us that are the opposite of the healthy moms and dads, well we need to try harder I suppose.  However, I don’t want to talk about healthy or not healthy or good and bad food here.  That’s not where I was going with this parenting pet peeve of mine.  Now I would hope this pet peeve I have just isn’t my kids.  If it is, well then I really don’t know whats wrong with me.  I’m talking about food and drink that is well not eaten or drinken.

Imagine with me if you will being thirsty after a long day of work.  You come home and open the fridge to grab your ice-cold of whatever and as you open the door you end up with a cup of juice or water or whatever all over your feet.  As you start to boil over and lose your cool your realize someone or something, has left that cup in the fridge door only to be spilled all over you and the floor.  If this was a one-time occurrence no harm no foul.  Clean it up and explain to the little ones why they can’t do that and be on your way.  After the tenth time this happens, it tends to get a bit frustrating.

While drink being spilled by myself or one of the kids is frustrating enough in this particular instance they have to do it with food as well.  I like to think I keep my kids well fed.  Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are all served in a timely manner, on most days.  Being growing kids I expect them to get hungry in between especially in the summer when they are out playing or when school starts.  I don’t mind giving snacks either.  What I do mind however is them taking one or two bites saying they are full and rush off to go finish their game a freeze tag.  So now I got half eaten bananas lying around and 1/4 of a cookie sitting there that they can’t even be bothered to throw away.  Again, it is my job as a parent to make them eat it or throw it away when they are done, but if you are reading this, then you may know just how difficult it is at times for the kids to even acknowledge you exist, especially when you are telling them to do something.

I will never withhold food or drink from my kids when they ask within reason.  Everyone is different with different appetites and different metabolisms and all that sciencey stuff.  However, I just might start if they leave it lying around half eaten or half drinken.