Q & A With MacKayla and Dad: Getting to the Bottom of it

Q & A With MacKayla and Dad is a series of questions and answers.  Each time either MacKayla or Dad will ask questions and the other will answer them.  Whoever is asking questions will make up those questions as well.

Dad’s questions, answers, and remarks indicated in black.

MacKayla’s questions, answers, and remarks in pink.


Q. Have you ever found a fossil?

A. I have never found a cool fossil.  I have found seashells in limestone gravel.  Even though I never found one I would really like to.  You know when I was little I wanted to be a paleontologist.  They study fossils and stuff like that from millions of years ago, it is pretty cool.



Q. What is your favorite toy from when you were little and what is your favorite toy now?

A. My favorite toy from when I was little was probably my Super Nintendo.  Me and your uncle bought some games for it and we pretty much played it all day.  Today I would say my favorite toy is my computer.  I can play games on it just like I did my Super Nintendo!



Q. Who is your favorite Mario character?

A. I think Yoshi is my favorite character.  I like that he is a dinosaur and he’s got that long tongue that sucks up bad guys and turns them into eggs.



Q. Who is your favorite Shopkin?

A. I don’t know many Shopkins really but my favorite one that I know about is Cheeky Chocolate.  I made your birthday cake last y ear into Cheeky Chocolate so he is my favorite one probably.  Who doesn’t love chocolate?