MacKayla’s Meditation: Number 1


My mom had a baby February 10 2017. we named the baby Caleb.  I also love Twosies. My most favorite toy is Monster High dolls, Shoppie dolls pretty much all dolls if you’re wondering what Monster High dolls some names are Cleo de Nile, Clawdeen Wolf.  some Shoppie dolls names are Peppa mint, Bubbalisha. My favorite one is Peppa mint. I also like Pokemon cards my favorite one is Pikachu. my favorite game is Hi Ho Cherrio. I also love paddle boards I’m not good but I don’t give up and never will give up.  I’m also good at drawing and writing and good at spelling I have all A’s in spelling.



I have two cats.  I also have  2 best friends their names are Ryllie and Audrina.  I love to draw I’m good at drawing people, cats, and Shopkins. My favorite animal is a leopard I  love how fast they can run and there print I also have leopard print leggings my favorite color is pink I also like flamingos my favorite shows are Henry Danger and the Thundermans.