Short Silly Stories: Cat and Dog and Friends

Short Silly Stories are stories written by Mike and MacKayla.  One person starts the story and they take turns writing different parts to see where the story ends up.  No one knows what the story will be about till it is finished, sometimes the story makes sense and other times not so much.  Have fun and have a laugh.
Mike (Dad) – denotes the part of the story written by Mike.
MacKayla (Daughter) – denotes the part of the story written by MacKayla.



Cat and Dog and Friends

One day we stumbled upon a dog and a cat that were friends.  A dog and cat who are friends is a strange sight to see.  They would usually be chasing each other.

All of a sudden a pink bunny, blue tiger, and a Minion named Bella, came chasing after the cat and dog.  Something strange is going on here?  But what?  “I know what is going on here,” said the pink bunny.  “There is a strong storm coming and everyone is running scared.”  It seems the animals were not chasing after the cat and dog, but they were scared and running looking for a place to hide from the storm!  Bella the Minion told everyone to calm down and to follow her.  She had a house with two bathrooms and six rooms and it also had food for everyone.  

The storm was coming quick so the blue tiger told them all to hop on his back and he would get them there fast.  The storm came and was very fierce, but the house stood and everyone was safe.  The animals all went back to their own houses but found they were not there, the storm had blown them all away.  Bella the Minion knew what to do.  She invited all of the animals to live with her in her house.  All of the animals agreed.

Now when people walk past and see all of the animals getting along it sure is a strange sight to see.

The End