Parenting Pet Peeves: Crayons

Nothing is more enjoyable than your little one bringing you a drawing they just made.  The look on their face of how proud they are and your acceptance of their dog, err cat, err tree, err house picture they just drew is something really special.

The quintessential children creation tool is most likely the crayon.  A great writing and drawing utensil for all ages.  Crayons can be almost any color, they can be any size and shape, and for the most part can easily be scrubbed off walls.  However, with all the above-mentioned greatness that is the crayon, crayons really bug me.  Some may say it is unfair to think this of crayons.  To those people, I say you may be right and my actual grudge against the crayon is actually an issue in with my kids treat and use crayons.

Over the years I estimate that I have bought my kids around a thousand crayons.  Where are those crayons?  Your guess is as good as mine.  Now these are whole crayons I am speaking of here.  If we take into consideration the number of times the crayons have been broken in half then in half again then in half again, the number of crayons located somewhere in our house has quickly surpassed the total number of people on Earth (7.4 billion as of August 2016 if you were wondering).  Another problem I have with crayons (most likely another problem with the kids using them) is how they always end up on the floor.  One or two would be acceptable as crayons tend to be round and round things roll off of things like tables and desks.  What gets me is it is never one or two.  There is usually one crayon they are using then the other thousands are on the floor.  I know I can’t be the only one who has these problems.  Bigger containers, different sizes and shapes of crayons, or explaining to them how to properly use and maintain crayons doesn’t work.

I suppose kids will be kids and the above issues I mentioned with crayons are just a by-product of kids being creative and expressing themselves.  Who am I to limit a child’s creativity?  I would rather get my picture of a cat-dog than nothing at all.